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Mon 02 May, 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re not located in the High Street like all the other agents, how do you get interest from buyers?

The way people buy homes has changed. The vast majority of home-buyers, over 85% in fact, search on the internet. Of these, the vast majority will visit rightmove.co.uk to conduct a search of homes for sale. The number of property portals that we advertise on certainly rivals, & possible exceeds, the number that our rivals utilise. We also optimise google via adwords & search engine optimisation of our own website.

How are you different from the other agents?

For over two years we have been the first estate agents in Oxford to offer a lower percentage fee service to vendors. Our belief is that for far too long Agency fees have been too high due to the high overheads incurred from operating a 'High Street' office, which in the main does not enhance or achieve selling advantage significantly. We keep these & other overheads down. We take advantage of the power of the internet to market our clients’ properties to a huge audience of potential buyers. The power of the internet is such that we have sold properties in the market towns around Oxford & let properties using the same methods in towns further afield such as Northampton & Maidenhead. Indeed, very recently, rented a penthouse in Chelsea!!

Not forgetting many years of experience within the industry with regards both the rental & sale of residential property.

I’m already with an agent, can I instruct you as well?

If you are currently using an estate agent, or considering using one, the following conditions apply:
If your property is currently offered by another Agent on a sole agency basis, the terms of those instructions must be considered.
Note: we do not have a lengthy sole agency contractural tie in. If you have a 'sole selling rights' type of agreement then please also consider the terms as this can differ from standard sole agency agreement.

Multiple Agency Agreement
You can use the Oxford Homes Direct estate agency service without any obligation to the other agents.

Joint Agency Agreement
In this case it is recommended that you request that your current agent's fees remain the same alongside the Oxford Homes Direct agreement.

I cannot find a property I like?

One of the most common dilemas. We would always recommend marketing your property first before seeking a purchase & indeed having introduced a proceedable buyer for your own property then you may find that opportunities become available. Oxford Homes Direct also now have a wanted section which is pro actively marketed to find property that may not be on the market yet. Please contact us if you wish to post a 'wanted ad' prior to marketing, or indeed even if you have sold via another Agent.

How are viewings arranged?

We operate just like a conventional estate agent. This means we make sure that bona fide applicants only view your home at a time convenient with you. We can accompany viewings for vacant properties.

What happens when you sell my home?

Once you have accepted an offer we will inform all parties involved by sending out sales memorandums - letters that outline the details of the sale which are sent to both sets of solicitors. Buyer and seller will also each receive a copy.

Your solicitor will of draw up a contract of sale from this point onwards. Oxford Homes Direct will keep a close eye on the progress of the sale and continue to provide support and information. We will communicate with other agents in the chain, above and below, monitoring/arranging surveys and regular liaison with both buyer and seller’s solicitors.