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Posted on Mon, April 26, 2010 by Simon Bayliss

Top tips to help sell your property

When selling a property you need to present it in pristine condition in order it appears hassle free to potential owners & give you that extra edge over similar properties that may be on the market. Unless one is buying a property that requires renovation, buyers generally want the condition of the property to be good in order that they can move in or rent it out without spending any money. Small issues such as creaking cupboards, broken light fittings or cracked window panes do mount up – prompting buyers to flick your listing into the ‘too hard’ basket.


I often see properties that fail to achieve their full worth, or take longer to sell, because of lacklustre presentation & poor attention to detail. There are a few simple things that almost anyone can do that will have a positive effect on the sale price of your home, not cost the earth, or include baking bread & roasting fresh coffee prior to a viewing.


Fix it

If you tie up the loose ends to small repairs, your property will look attractive, trouble free, & instantly liveable. For every pound in repairs your home might

need, you could lose two from the sale price. If something needs to be repaired, whether it’s a fence or cracked tile, then get it done before you go to the market.


Outdoor space

First impressions really do count. If there’s an outside area, like a deck or balcony, put a small table & chairs there to emphasize the outdoor aspect.


Manage the temperature

On inspection day, make sure the temperature is comfortable. Adjust heating, depending on the season.


Spruce up the bathroom

Mould is common in older homes, so use a household cleaner to clear it up. One could also use mould-resistant paint for an ultra-clean finish. A grimy

shower screen is a no-no, and consider replacing your shower curtain. Home ware & furniture stores like lKEA sell different designs for next to



Maximise storage space

One of the biggest things you can do is to clean the storage and pantry areas. When they’re really cluttered, they look smaller than they do when they’re sparser. You don’t want them completely empty, but if you get about 50% of the content out of the way, it will create the illusion of space.


Let there be light

Turn on the lights no matter the time of day, & replace broken light bulbs. Also maximize natural sunlight by opening curtains & blinds.


Pristine Kitchen

An important room in any property is the kitchen & this should be gleaming, spotless, hygienic, & sparkling – inside & out. Also, make sure you clean inside the oven – greasy kitchen appliances are a major turn off.


De clutter

The most important tip of all, in order to make the property look as large as possible, is clean out the clutter. This includes everything from the contents of drawers to the decorative home wares on your dining table. This is ideal preparation for the final move. A great idea, if you have a small space, is to use a glass table you can see through, rather than solid.


Refresh the garden

Consider adding some fresh mulch to the garden beds. It’s literally as’ cheap as

chips’ and it’s a great way to put fresh natural colour in an older garden. It also

an idea to grab a broom & brush down cobwebs or dust.

Equally many of the above tips can be applied to rental properties, maximising rental income, & minimising voids periods in an increasingly demanding & competitive market.

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